LED Therapy Device



The LED light therapy device is a natural and non-invasive device that can provide relief from emotional stress. The product uses different colours of light to help bring relief for many different kinds of mental distress. Providing light in nine colours, this product can help you conquer a variety of mental blocks and complications.

The product is small and easy to use. Different colours of light are said to affect your mind in different ways. Think about how your brain responds when you see vivid colors. Think about how you feel when you look up and see a cloudless blue sky. Maybe you live in a city. Think about how visiting a park in your city or visiting the countryside, both of them full of green, makes you feel. This is the theory behind light therapy. These different colours evoke different emotions, and our product recreates these feelings.

Our product has nine different settings to give you a wide range of colours, from red to yellow to blue. Colours affect the way our brains work, and with LED light therapy, you can enjoy the pleasurable effects of these colours every day right in your own home.

Elevate your mood by treating yourself to LED light therapy. The T-Zone LED Therapy Device is a handheld unit that offers the natural calming benefits of light waves to relieve stress. It’s easy and convenient to use. Because of its sleek design, it can be taken anywhere. The device can also be used for massage, adding another element of relaxation to aid your mental well-being.

Use any of the included nine colour covers in order to achieve a desired emotional effect.

  • Ruby offers you a clear mind and emotional balance.
  • Choosing the midnight colour may be your best bet to aid in moving forward during periods of indecision.
  • If you feel out of touch with life, choosing the green colour will have you feeling one with nature in no time.
  • Yellow is useful for inspiration.
  • Orange is great to prepare for social situations.
  • Purple helps aid in meditation and getting a sense of spiritual connection.
  • Choose red when you need to feel courageous.
  • Blue aids in communication by clearing the mind.
  • Indigo gives a sense of serenity.

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