FIR Belt



The T-Zone Vibration FIR belt promotes weight loss and protects against injury, this vital tool is a great addition to your weight loss toolbox. The combination of whole body vibration and far-infrared technology is an excellent way to work out or relax.

The heat generated by your T-Zone Vibration FIR belt increases metabolism as it tricks the body into thinking it is summer, which reduces the likelihood of fat being stored. It also promotes the removal and use of fat within the body. The fat particles at your abdomen where the belt is being used gradually break down into water, CO2 and salt. These compounds are then excreted harmlessly from the body, leaving a smoother, leaner physique.

Using far infrared technology, the T-Zone vibration FIR belt stimulates the muscle tissue beneath the belt, helping it stay loose and supple.

This energy, which is emitted naturally by the sun, makes us feel good. It is completely safe, nothing like harmful UV rays – in fact Far Infrared heat is what is used in hospital incubators for premature babies.

The body is 70 percent water, and the far infrared rays penetrate the skin to gently heat up that water within the body, slowly warming up the body tissue around it, just like the sun would. This increases blood flow by expanding the little blood vessels within the body known as capillaries, increasing oxygenation and helping damaged tissue recover. This also helps the body flush out toxins by improving blood flow to the affected parts.

Your immune system benefits too. White blood cell counts increase, helping your body fight off disease. Far infrared can also kill harmful bacteria and viruses. It also relaxes the affected area when the FIR is applied.

Far infrared is great at reducing pain. Because it can penetrate so far below the skin-around three inches-it can help with joint pain, particularly that caused by arthritis. With most people over the age of 50 suffering from some form of joint dysfunction, the T-Zone vibration FIR belt can benefit almost everyone in this age group. It works by relaxing muscles and reducing the likelihood of muscle spasms.

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