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Check out this standing desk top extender! Finally an easy and inexpensive ergonomic solution, combined with the heath benefits of a ready-to-go standing desk option!

Adjust it till it fits your exact height, arm length, and head angle requirements. Or use it at home to hold your tablet or laptop while reading or watching a movie while on the couch or in bed. You won’t know what you did without it.

  • Choose from black or silver colour
  • Adjusts to virtually any height or shape
  • Tilts for ergonomic perfection
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • Locks into place
  • Cooling holes prevent computer over-heating

Use it at home…

  • Sitting on a couch or in bed
  • As a reading, eating, or work tray
  • No-strain while watching movies from your laptop
  • To hold recipes

Use it at the office…

    • Transform any desk to a sit/stand desk

As an extra shelf

  • Use the second shelf as a mouse tray or extra storage
  • As a monitor riser

An extra shelf is also available as an accessory – use as a mouse tray or for extra storage.